World Champion Beatboxer @skshlomo explains how social media saved him from suicide.

This is one of the most moving TED TALKS we have ever watched. Shlo uses his traumatic mental health breakdown as inspiration for a performance piece with such a powerful message. How ironic that a troll somewhere in the world has gone to the trouble of giving it 1 single dislike “thumbs down”. But in the words of Shlo himself “That person was probably just having a bad day”. Peace and much love out to all, including The Troll x #mentalhealth #skshlomo #weareallabitmental #chesneyhawkes #lynnferguson #neilharrington #brandonblock #suicideawareness #beatboxer #livelooper #trolls #trolling #troll #tedtalks

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Let's all laugh, learn, cry and be a bit mental together. Brandon Block, Chesney Hawkes, Lynn Ferguson & Neil Harrington host a podcast exploring the complex, & often slippery subject of mental health. listen here:

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